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Learn how to keep your server room cool.

Keeping Your Server Room Cool

How to Keep Your Server Room Cool

Servers play a vital role in the success of many companies. These servers allow you to easily manage all of your data without the need for third party access. In-house servers are often a cost-effective option for small to mid-size businesses. However, keeping your server room cool isn't always an easy task. A server that overheats can result in data loss and make it impossible for your employees to stay productive. Understanding how to keep your server room at an optimal temperature is essential in reducing downtime and maximizing efficiency for your business.

Here are a few simple tips to keep your server room cool and limit the chance of disruptions for your business.

Only Use Low-Heat Lighting

A server room that rises higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit can result in service interruptions for your company. One way you can avoid this scenario is to use low-heat lighting for your server room. For example, LED lights and fluorescent tubes produce much less heat than incandescent bulbs. These lights also provide much better illumination, which makes it easy for your IT team to work on your servers at any time.

Install an Air Conditioner

One of the easiest ways to keep your servers cool is to install an air conditioner. You will need to install an industrial air conditioner for the best results, as these systems are designed to operate around the clock. It is also important to schedule semi-annual maintenance checks to ensure your air conditioner is working at an optimal level without any issues.

Keep Your Server Room Well-Ventilated

Making sure that your server room is well-ventilated is critical for proper air circulation. Installing a ventilation system is a good idea if you need to place your servers in a small room. You can also use cooling fans to circulate hot air away from each server. A well-ventilated room allows your servers to operate efficiently without the risk of overheating.

Closing Thoughts

Keeping your servers cool is critical in avoiding overheating issues that can lead to data loss and significant downtime. Using low-heat lighting, installing an industrial air conditioner, and keeping your server room well-ventilated all play critical roles in regulating the temperature at an optimal level. Manufacturers continue to design more resilient servers, but always taking the time to regulate the temperature of your server room is essential in extending their lifespan and saving your business a lot of stress.