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About Us

Key Technologies is your business solutions partner. The goal of Key Technologies is to provide customers with better, faster, and more reliable information technology services.

Key Technologies understands your computer and networking systems are the engines that drive your organization. With digital and wireless technologies, organizations cannot afford glitches that can send them spiraling into mass devastation. At Key Technologies we understand organizations depend on their computer and networking systems to operate consistently without interruptions. Key Technologies delivers customized computer hardware and networking systems based on your organizational needs. We specialize in installing the latest cutting-edge products.

Key Technologies is a proactive technology partner, partnering with your organization throughout the entire process from the initial idea to the final layout and installation of a computer and networking system. As your business solutions partner we are also there to service and support your computer and networking systems after the initial installation. With the consulting skills at Key Technologies supporting your organization, you need not worry about your computer and networking systems operations.

Key Technologies provides consulting skills to assist you with the actual deployment and integration of software and hardware. We will work with you to implement changes, install hardware and software, establish network connectivity, ensure proper functionality, and document our work for future reference.

Key Technologies is strictly vendor-neutral. We do not recommend a single vendor's products exclusively and we regularly use different products based on the needs of each project. Our neutrality makes us a great resource to help you also take a critical and informed look at the security solutions provided today and to make an unbiased decision regarding the best solution to address any existing problems.

Key Technologies would value the privilege to service your network from a large business venture to a small office solution in order to maintain your unique digital workplace.